Masnavi. The purpose of creation…

 The Purpose of Creation

Divine Wisdom created the world in order that all things in His Knowledge should be revealed.God laid upon the world the throes of parturition for the purpose of making manifest that which He Knew, You cannot sit inactive for a moment, you cannot rest till some good or evil has issued from you. All these cravings for action were ordained to the end, That your inward consciousness should come clearly into sight. How can the real, which is the body, be at rest when the thread , which is the mind is pulling it? This world and yonder world are incessantly giving birth; every cause is a mother, its effect, the child. When the effect is born, it too becomes a cause and gives birth to wondrous effects. These causes are generation on generation, but it needs a very well lighted eye to see the link in their chain.


Masnavi of Rumi, when my being…

When my bier moves on the day of death, Think not my heart is in this world. Do not weep for me and cry “Woe, woe!” You will fall in the devil’s snare: that is woe. When you see my hearse, cry not “Parted, parted!” Union and meeting are mine in that hour. If you commit me to the grave, say not “Farewell, farewell!” For the grave is a curtain hiding the communion of Paradise. After beholding descent, consider resurrection; Why should setting be injurious to the sun and moon? To you it seems a setting, but ’tis a rising; Tho’ the vault seems a prison, ’tis the release of the soul. What seed went down into the earth but it grew? Why this doubt of yours as regards the seed of man? What bucket was lowered but it came out brimful? Why should the Joseph of the spirit complain of the well? Shut your mouth on this side and open it beyond, For in placeless air will be your triumphal song.

From Divan e Hafiz.. Thou whose…

Khwaja Shamshuddin Mohammed(1325-1398). Pen name Hafiz

Thou whose features clearly beaming make the moon of Beauty bright,
Thou whose chin contains a well-pit which to Loveliness gives light.

When, O Lord! shall kindly Fortune, sating my ambition, pair
This my heart of tranquil nature and thy wild and ruffled hair?

Pining for thy sight my spirit trembling on my lip doth wait:
Forth to speed it, back to lead it, speak the sentence of its fate.

Pass me with thy skirt uplifted from the dusty bloody ground:
Many who have been thy victims dead upon this path are found.

Masnavi of Rumi. Sometimes the acti0ns…

Sometimes the action of God appears like this, sometimes the contrary;

(true) religion is nothing but bewilderment. (I mean) not one bewildered

in such wise that his back is turned on Him; nay, but one bewildered and drowned and drunken with the Beloved.

His face is set toward (devoted to) the Beloved, while the other’s face is just his own.

Look long on the face of everyone, watch attentively; it may be

That by doing service you will come to know the face (of the saint).

Since many a devil hath the face of Adam, you should not put a hand in every hand;

For as the fowler whistles to decoy a bird he is bent on catching,

Which hears the notes of its mate and comes down from the air and find s itself entrapped,

So does a vile man steals the language of dervishes

To fascinate and deceive one who is simple. The work of holy men is as light and heat;

The work of the ungodly is trickery and shamelessness.