What is Halal

 (A brief Explanation)
The term Halal is generally associated  with meat or food. It indicates that meat is from an animal that has been slaughtered in Muslim way. It also indicates that  a substance contains no pork products.
Halal simply means permissible or lawful. The term equally applies to income or  wealth whether it is halal or non halal. Any income derived from breaking the law of the land, by dishonesty, by paying unfair wages, using unfair means, bribery, gambling is not halal. So is income derived from sale or  distribution  of  substances or activities that are prohibited by Islam such as pork products, Alcohol,  can ibis, drugs, dope etc.
One is entitled to enjoy an income or  wealth obtained by halal means. But its display and boasting is  not halal. One should enjoy wealth with humility. 
Islam requires that the object or goal one wants to achieve is halal and means to achieve that object or goal are also halal. The famous quote of Shakespeare that “all is well that ends well” has to meet the criteria described above.

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