The concept of God (Allah) in Islam

God has no gender, nor shape, nor form that we can comprehend. He is One, Alone, Single, Eternal, Everlasting, Knowing, Living, Hearing, Seeing, Majestic, Clement, Merciful, Compassionate, without resembling creation in any respect; that His Essence does not resemble the essences of created beings, that He is not contained by space, nor affected by time.

One of the great scholar said in a discourse: “‘Before’ does not outstrip Him, ‘after’ does not interrupt Him, to’ does not join with Him, ‘in’ does not inhabit Him, ‘when’ does not stop Him, ‘over’ does not overshadow Him, ‘under’ does not support Him, ‘opposite’ does not face Him, ‘behind’ does not take hold of Him, ‘before’ does not limit Him, His pre-existence preceded time, His eternity preceded limit. before is after Him…


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