Masnavi of Rumi. Sometimes the acti0ns…

Sometimes the action of God appears like this, sometimes the contrary;

(true) religion is nothing but bewilderment. (I mean) not one bewildered

in such wise that his back is turned on Him; nay, but one bewildered and drowned and drunken with the Beloved.

His face is set toward (devoted to) the Beloved, while the other’s face is just his own.

Look long on the face of everyone, watch attentively; it may be

That by doing service you will come to know the face (of the saint).

Since many a devil hath the face of Adam, you should not put a hand in every hand;

For as the fowler whistles to decoy a bird he is bent on catching,

Which hears the notes of its mate and comes down from the air and find s itself entrapped,

So does a vile man steals the language of dervishes

To fascinate and deceive one who is simple. The work of holy men is as light and heat;

The work of the ungodly is trickery and shamelessness.

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