Masnavi. The purpose of creation…

 The Purpose of Creation

Divine Wisdom created the world in order that all things in His Knowledge should be revealed.God laid upon the world the throes of parturition for the purpose of making manifest that which He Knew, You cannot sit inactive for a moment, you cannot rest till some good or evil has issued from you. All these cravings for action were ordained to the end, That your inward consciousness should come clearly into sight. How can the real, which is the body, be at rest when the thread , which is the mind is pulling it? This world and yonder world are incessantly giving birth; every cause is a mother, its effect, the child. When the effect is born, it too becomes a cause and gives birth to wondrous effects. These causes are generation on generation, but it needs a very well lighted eye to see the link in their chain.

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