Masnavi of Rumi. We and our existence..

We and our existences are non-existent; Thou art the Absolute appearing in the guise of mortality.

That which moves us is Thy Gift; Our whole being is Thy creation, Thou didst show the beauty of Being unto not-being, after Thou hadst caused not being to fall in love with Thee.

Take not away the delight of Thy beauty; take not away Thy dessert and wine and wine cup!

But if Thou take it away, who will question thee? Does the picture quarrel with the painter?

Look not on us, look on Thine Own loving-kindness and Generosity! We were not; there was no demand on our part; yet Thy Grace heard our silent prayer and called us into existence.

In the Divine court of audience all are helpless as tapestry before the needle.

Now He makes the portrait of the Devil, now of Adam; now He depicts joy, now sorrow.

None can raise a hand in defence; none dare utter a word concerning injury or benefit.







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