Masnavi of Rumi. The faithful are one soul

The faithful are many, but their faith is one; their bodies

Are numerous, but their soul is one.

Besides the understanding and soul which is in the ox and the ass,

Man has another intelligence and soul.

Again in the owner of the Divine breath, there is a soul other than the human soul.

The animal soul does not possess oneness: do not seek oneness from that airy spirit.

If its owner eat bread , his neighbor is not filled; if he bears a load,

His neighbor does not become laden; Nay, but he rejoices at his neighbor’s death

and dies of envy when he sees his neighbor prosperous.

The soul of wolfs and dogs are separate; the souls of Lions of God are united.

I speak nominally of their souls in the plural, for that single Soul is

A hundred in relation to the body. Just as single light of sun in heaven

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