Masnavi of Rumi. Since wisdom is …..

Since Wisdom is the true believers stray camel, he knows with certainty,

From whomsover he may have heard it.

And when he finds himself face to face with it,

How should there be doubt? How can he make mistake?

If you tell a thirsty man—“Here is a cup of water; drink!”—

Will he reply?-“This is mere assertion: let me alone, O liar go away.”

Or suppose a mother cries to her babe, ”Come, I am mother; hark my child!”

Will it say? Prove this to me, so that I may take comfort in thy milk.”

When in the heart of people there is a spiritual perception, the face and

voice of the prophet (SAWS) are as an evidentiary miracle.

When the prophet (SAWS) utters a cry from without, the soul of people

falls to worship within. Because never in the world will soul’s ear

have heard a cry of the same kind as his. That wondrous voice is heard

by the soul in exile-the voice of God calling, “lo, I am nigh.”




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