A quote of Al Ghazali. Look Deep

Al Ghazali (Abu Hamid Mohammed Ibn Mohammed) was born in Tus , Iran in 1058 and died in 1111 about one hundred year before Rumi was born in 1207. He was a philosopher and a great scholar of Islam. He wrote about 18 scholarly books in Arabic on philosophy and Islam. He had a great influence on Rumi and other scholars of Islam.

A recent book on Al Ghazali by professor Frank Griffel of Yale is worth looking into. An interview that gives the gist of the book on Mac Millan report is provided in a link below the Quote. This link is also available in post 59 of this blog. The work of professor Timothy Winters of Cambridge University on Al Ghazali is available in videos, prints and books. In addition to these relatively recent works in English, there are numerous publications in many language are available on Al Ghazali and so is the translation of his books. Khaliq

Here is a short quote from Al Ghazali.
Those who look for seashell will find seashells; those who open them will find pearls.
Here is a link to interview of professor Frank Griffel of Yale on Man Millan report.

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