Slaves and Kings in the Muslim ruled regions

he treatment of slaves in the western world and in the Muslim world was very different. . In the Muslim world slaves held high positions in military and civil administrations. They were advisers to the kings and also formed ruling dynasties in Egypt and in India (also known as Mamalukes).
Bilal, one of the trusted companion of the prophet Mohammed(pboh) and the first Muazzin (One who calls for prayers) was a former slave. One of the early scholar of Islam Rabia Al Adawiyah (717-810) was also a former slave. Her tomb (Mazar) is in Basra, Iraq. She is also known as Rabia al Basri (see blog post 32 in this blog)
he slave of Mahmood Ghazni (971-1039) Malik Ayyaz also became a ruler. Slaves dynestyy (mamalukes) ruled Indiarom 1206o to 1292. Qutub Uddin Aibak (1158-1210) was the first ruler and he started the construction of Qutub Minar in Delhi. In Egypt the rule of slave dynesty ( Mamalukes) started in 1250 and ended in 1517 when Ottoman Empire took over Egypt. Khaliq

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