In respect of Ramadan, a dua/supplication to seek protection fro climates…

O God protect me/us from difficulties, calamities, acts of war, lawlessness and acts of violence .  O God protect me/us from arson, fire, robbery,  abduction, accidents and personal injuries. O Allah protect me/us from mental anguish, anxiety, depression and from pain and suffering.

A dua/supplication to seek good health..

O God grant me/us good health, good hearing, a good sight. O Allah protect us from physical and mental disabilities and from painful and incurable diseases. O Allah protect us from  debts, liabilities and economic loss. O God  prevent us/me from bad deeds, bad actions, bad habits, bad manners and  from bad company.  O Allah bless  us with humility, prosperity, happiness and family harmony.

In respect of Ramadan a dua/supplication seeking contentment

 O God! remove my/our worries and sorrows. O God Bless me with contentment and patience. O God bless me/us with foresight, good judgement and good mental and physical strength. O God protect me from mental and physical disabilities . O God protect me from ever becoming dependent or a burden on others.