Shaikh Sadi (1184-1283) a quote. Wash thy hand..

Shaikh Sadi ( 1184- 1283)  Lived through the golden age of Islam but also witnessed the death and destruction inflicted by the Mongol invasion in the entire region east of Egypt. In Baghdad alone in 1258 close to a million people were killed in a city of less than 2 million. Institutions of higher learning masques were destroyed. Khaliq

Here is a quote from his Bostan.


Thou, O creature of G-d, wast created of the dust; therefore, be humble as the dust. Be not covetous, nor oppressive, nor headstrong. Thou art from the dust; be not like fire. When the terrible fire raised his head in pride, the dust prostrated itself in humility.

Shaikh Sadi(1208-1292) From Gulistan. O brother…

From Gulistan of Sadi completed in 1258

O brother, the world stays with no one.
Bind the heart to the Creator, it is enough.
Rely not upon possessions and this world
Because it has cherished many like thee and slain them.
When the pure soul is about to depart,
What boots *it if one dies on a throne or on the ground?

*old usage.  Can say what does  it matter if one dies…