Masnavi of Rumi. Pain is a treasurer…

Pain is a treasure, for it contains mercies;
The kernel is soft when the rind is scraped off.
O brother, the place of darkness and cold
Is the fountain of Life and the cup of ecstasy.
So also is endurance of pain and sickness and disease.
For from abasement proceeds exaltation.
The spring seasons are hidden in the autumns,
If spiritual manifestations had been sufficient,
The creation of the world had been needless and vain.
If spiritual thought were equivalent to love of God,
Outward forms of temples and prayers would not exist

Masnavi of Rumi. Beyond the stars…

Beyond the star and Stars in which there is no combust no sinister aspects,

Stars moving in other Heavens, not the seven heavens known to all,

Star immanent in the radiance of the Light of God, Neither joined to each other nor separate. Whoso hath his fortune from these Stars,

his soul drives off and consumes the unbelievers. God sprinkled His Light over all sprits, but only the blest held up their skirts to receive it. And, having gained that language of light, they turned their faces away from all but God.

That which is of the sea is going to the sea: it is going to the place where it came—

From the mountain the swift-rushing torrent, and from our body, the soul whose motion is inspired by love.

Masnavi of Rumi. Since wisdom is …..

Since Wisdom is the true believers stray camel, he knows with certainty,

From whomsover he may have heard it.

And when he finds himself face to face with it,

How should there be doubt? How can he make mistake?

If you tell a thirsty man—“Here is a cup of water; drink!”—

Will he reply?-“This is mere assertion: let me alone, O liar go away.”

Or suppose a mother cries to her babe, ”Come, I am mother; hark my child!”

Will it say? Prove this to me, so that I may take comfort in thy milk.”

When in the heart of people there is a spiritual perception, the face and

voice of the prophet (SAWS) are as an evidentiary miracle.

When the prophet (SAWS) utters a cry from without, the soul of people

falls to worship within. Because never in the world will soul’s ear

have heard a cry of the same kind as his. That wondrous voice is heard

by the soul in exile-the voice of God calling, “lo, I am nigh.”




Masnavi of Rumi. The faithful are one soul

The faithful are many, but their faith is one; their bodies

Are numerous, but their soul is one.

Besides the understanding and soul which is in the ox and the ass,

Man has another intelligence and soul.

Again in the owner of the Divine breath, there is a soul other than the human soul.

The animal soul does not possess oneness: do not seek oneness from that airy spirit.

If its owner eat bread , his neighbor is not filled; if he bears a load,

His neighbor does not become laden; Nay, but he rejoices at his neighbor’s death

and dies of envy when he sees his neighbor prosperous.

The soul of wolfs and dogs are separate; the souls of Lions of God are united.

I speak nominally of their souls in the plural, for that single Soul is

A hundred in relation to the body. Just as single light of sun in heaven

Masnavi of Rumi. We and our existence..

We and our existences are non-existent; Thou art the Absolute appearing in the guise of mortality.

That which moves us is Thy Gift; Our whole being is Thy creation, Thou didst show the beauty of Being unto not-being, after Thou hadst caused not being to fall in love with Thee.

Take not away the delight of Thy beauty; take not away Thy dessert and wine and wine cup!

But if Thou take it away, who will question thee? Does the picture quarrel with the painter?

Look not on us, look on Thine Own loving-kindness and Generosity! We were not; there was no demand on our part; yet Thy Grace heard our silent prayer and called us into existence.

In the Divine court of audience all are helpless as tapestry before the needle.

Now He makes the portrait of the Devil, now of Adam; now He depicts joy, now sorrow.

None can raise a hand in defence; none dare utter a word concerning injury or benefit.







Masnavi of Rumi. He who is from….

He who is from head to foot a perfect rose or lily,
To him spring brings rejoicing.
The useless thorn desires the autumn,
That autumn may associate itself with the garden;
And hide the rose’s beauty and the thorn’s shame,
That men may not see the bloom of the one and the other’s shame;
That common stone and pure ruby may appear all as one.
True, the Gardener knows the difference in the autumn,
But the sight of One is better than the world’s sight.



Masnavi. The purpose of creation…

 The Purpose of Creation

Divine Wisdom created the world in order that all things in His Knowledge should be revealed.God laid upon the world the throes of parturition for the purpose of making manifest that which He Knew, You cannot sit inactive for a moment, you cannot rest till some good or evil has issued from you. All these cravings for action were ordained to the end, That your inward consciousness should come clearly into sight. How can the real, which is the body, be at rest when the thread , which is the mind is pulling it? This world and yonder world are incessantly giving birth; every cause is a mother, its effect, the child. When the effect is born, it too becomes a cause and gives birth to wondrous effects. These causes are generation on generation, but it needs a very well lighted eye to see the link in their chain.