A dua/supplication to seek good health..

O God grant me/us good health, good hearing, a good sight. O Allah protect us from physical and mental disabilities and from painful and incurable diseases. O Allah protect us from  debts, liabilities and economic loss. O God  prevent us/me from bad deeds, bad actions, bad habits, bad manners and  from bad company.  O Allah bless  us with humility, prosperity, happiness and family harmony.

In respect of Ramadan a dua/supplication seeking contentment

 O God! remove my/our worries and sorrows. O God Bless me with contentment and patience. O God bless me/us with foresight, good judgement and good mental and physical strength. O God protect me from mental and physical disabilities . O God protect me from ever becoming dependent or a burden on others.

In respect of Ramada a prayer/dua to prevent one from becoming an aggressor…

O God prevent me from ever becoming an aggressor or an oppressor or from causing injury or harm to anyone and protect me from all act of violence and aggression and oppression. O god guide me to earn my livelihood by ethical and legal means. O Allah bless my livelihood and protect my poses sons and assets.

In respect of Ramadan, a Dua/supplication or prayer for freedom from greed, envy…

O God free me/us free from envy, greed, inflated ego, selfishness, false pride and from bearing resentment and hate. May God fill our heart  with humility, gratitude, compassion, generosity, Knowledge, forgiveness, sense of fairness and justice, truth and other virtues.