Sources I have used for my blog.

Sources that I have found  useful in preparing material for my blog. I hope it will assist others to access information. It is a good practice to consult more than one reliable source.The sources are;

Oxford encyclopedia of Islamic world. at, It is an excellent but it costs $199 a year.

University  of Georgia. by Dr Alan Godlas. It is a comprehensive site on Islam and Sufism. All material on Islam is in one place and it us free.

Princeton University. It has all Muslim scholars of the Golden age of Islam in one place.

Fordham University.  internet Islamic  history  source book at;

Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy at; Ibn Sina, Ibn Arabi , Al Kindi and others are there.

M.I T. Shaikh Sadi  and some others are there.

Articles – On Spain. Science the Islamic Legacy in April/May issue of  Aramco world 1982  a good read at;

( –

On Muslim women rulers see has .
BBC radio 4.  “|IN OUR TIMES”


BBC documentaries. Islam, Crusade, Spain etc.

For Islam and Sufism: Books,  publications, articles, videos of Sayyed Hosein Nasr,  Anne Marie Scheme, Martin Ling,  R A Nicholson  and Timothy Winters of Cambridge, Omid Safi d of Duke University,  William Chitick on Ibn Arabi and Dr. Afzal Iqbal on Rumi. There are many mire sources which are not on this list. Khaliq