Maulana Rumi (1207-1273) on causation

Causation from Masnavi of Rumi

 God hath established a rule and causes and means for the sake of who seek Him under the canopy.

Most things come to pass according to the rule, but some time His power breaks the rule.

He established a goodly rule and custom; He made the evidentiary miracle a breach of custom.

O thou who art ensnared by causes, do not imagine that the Causer is defunct!

The Causer brings into existence whatsoever He will, His Omnipotence can destroy all causes;

But, for the most part, He lets the execution of His Will follow the course of causation,

In order that seeker may be able to pursue their object of desire.

Where there is no cause, what way should the seeker pursue?

He must have a visible cause in the way he is going.

Causes are films on the eyes, for not every eye is worthy to contemplate His work.

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