Masnavi of Rumi. Let us besech (ask)…

Maulana Jalal-Uddin Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh now in Afghanistan and died in 1273 and is buried in Konia, Turkey.  Here is aselection from his Masnavi.
Let us beseech(ask) God to help us to self-control (adab); he who lacks self control

Is deprived (deprived) of the grace of the God;

The undisciplined man does not corrupt himself alone; he sets the whole world afire.

Whatever befalls thee of gloom and sorrow is the result of thy irreverence and indolence.

Anyone behaving with irreverence in the path of the Friend is a brigand who robs men:

He is no man. Through discipline Heaven was filled with light,

Through discipline the angels become immaculate and holy. By reasons of irreverence the

Sun is eclipsed, and insolence caused “Azazil to be turned back from the door.

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