Rumi(1207-1273) When the tables….

Maulana Jajaj uddin Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh Afghanistan and died in 1273 Konia in Turkey where there is a Mausoleum.  The following selection is from Masnavi.and translation is by Professor R A Nicholson of Cambridge University. Professor Nicholson commenced the monumental task of translation  in 1922 and completed in1940. It has 6 volumes and is called “Masnavi of Rumi”. Khaliq M Khan, September 27, 2019.

When the lamps are lit and the tables are laid, after the evening prayer,

I am engrossed with the thought of my Beloved, with grief, sorrow and lamentation.

My prayer is fiery for I perform the ablution with my tears.

When the call for prayer comes, the gate of my mosque is set on fire.

Strange is the prayer of mad; tell me, is it correct to say prayers

like this in complete disregard of time and space?

Strange are the two rak’ats and stranger still the fourth one.

How strange, I recited a Sura without a tongue!

How can I knock at the door of God, since I have neither heart nor hand.

Since you have taken away my heart and hand, give me protection, O Lord.

By God, I know not as I pray weather somebody has stood up to lead the prayer or a Ruku has ended.

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